Ameli Inyangu and Partners specializes in provision of services to individuals and corporates in all aspects of commercial law. We are a medium sized firm with whom clients can deal on terms of familiarity and trust.

 Our lawyers have experience in commercial law and have established a forward looking and flexible legal practice providing professional, approachable and competitive services.

Why Engage our Services?

Why Engage our Services?

Our mission is to secure growth and success in legal practice by delivery of the best quality of service for client satisfaction. The firm has deliberately chosen to ensure that the relationship forged with our clients is one that delivers long term value to them. We therefore strive to:-

  • Understand our clients, their businesses and vision through specific focus on their individual needs;
  • Ensure a constant appraisal of our operations vis-a-vis our clients' needs in-order to keep up with emerging client needs and challenges;
  • Anticipating client needs through keeping abreast with new developments in the law that might impact on their business and sharing the same with the client; and
  • Upholding professional integrity and ethics in all our interactions with clients.

We achieve the foregoing through:-

 Practice Specialization and Focus
We focus on the provision of legal and allied services to individuals and corporate entities in commercial law. This specialization enables us to develop expertise and competence that our clients can consistently rely on. We are able to keep track of developments in the law that have an impact on client affairs and inform clients accordingly.
Personal Attention and Responsiveness
In the firm operations we maintain a nimble, innovative and responsive attitude to our clients needs. Our complement of four partners ensures continuity and stability, guarantees that all work is either handled directly by the partners or is closely supervised by them.
We appreciate that all legal affairs and transactions call for diligence, thoroughness and professionalism by lawyers involved for the protection of the long-term rights and interests of clients. The Firm uses this rigorous approach in all matters. In property transactions for instance, we thoroughly verify the accuracy of title documents to prevent fraud. Thus, whether the transaction is an outright purchase of property or a securitized lending, our clients are assured of the legitimacy and enforceability of the rights they are acquiring.
From the start of the client relationship, we listen keenly to our clients and understand what their desired outcomes are. We then identify the most effective way to attain their goals and proceed to act. In the initial stages of any matter, we explain to the client simply and clearly the relevant law and appropriate procedures for its satisfactory conclusion.
In any work that we undertake for our clients we prepare and send to the client regular work progress reports the frequency of which may be agreed upon. Such reports need not be requested for by the client, our aim being to keep the client fully appraised at all times

Our Values



In our interactions with clients we endeavor to uphold professional ethics and integrity. We work at ensuring that we follow through on the promises and commitments we make to our clients which ensures that with time we build a relationship that inspires the trust and confidence of our clients.


We work at understanding the operations of our clients and keeping abreast with developments that affect their respective industries so as to effectively meet the long term needs of our clients.


We seek to be responsible to the communities within which we conduct business in a variety of ways such as supporting charities and encouraging civic improvements. The partners at the firm invest their time in developing the talents of youthful member of the society through mentoring programs arranged with schools at which talent can be identified and developed.


We are committed to delivering competent, effective and satisfactory services whatever the nature of our client’s circumstances.



 Fees, costs and billing procedures are discussed and an agreement reached with the client prior to embarking on any transaction. Where it is foreseen that fees or costs might exceed forecast levels then advance explanation is made to the client for approval of any revision. We also endeavor to maintain a cost efficient practice through avoidance of unnecessary expenses and/or overheads that would later be passed on to the client.

At Ameli Inyangu and Partners we strive to ensure that our relationship with clients delivers long term value to them. We are committed to delivering competent, effective and satisfactory services whatever the nature of each client’s circumstances. We believe that consistent client satisfaction is the only basis for our growth and success. The Firm looks forward to mutually beneficial and satisfying partnerships with our clients